Gary Holden

Chief Executive Officer

Pulse Energy Alliance

Gary is an engineer-economist by training and has been leading energy companies in NZ and Canada since the mid-1990s.  As a 35-year transmission, distribution and generation expert, Gary has developed coal, natural gas, wind, hydro and solar energy plants in NZ, Australia, Canada and the USA and has been at the leading edge of energy policy throughout his career.   

Mr. Holden played a formative role in the New Zealand energy market as a member of the Wholesale Market Design Committee in 1994 and lead the development the first two large-scale independent power plants as competition to the government-owned, Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ).  He has previously held roles managing the largest generation portfolio in Alberta and the largest distribution company in that province.  In those roles he is credited with transforming those markets with innovative district energy schemes and integrated wind and gas generation strategies.

Mr. Holden was also a founding board member of Canada‚Äôs first Emissions Management Corporation in Alberta which was responsible for establishing the policy framework for carbon trading and pricing.     

As CEO of Pulse Energy, he has more recently been leading the NZ market with integrated 'grid-solar-battery' energy contracts for retail customers and continues to shape policy that contributes to a long-term sustainable grid driven by consumer choice.   

He is a well-known commentator on energy policy and an expert in linking sustainability, consumer interests and climate change objectives into pragmatic solutions.